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Internet MarketeersPersonally, I don't see how a business nowadays can stay in business without a website to promote their products, services and solutions.

Many publish their websites and then walk away from them expecting the traffic to come. After a few months they end up giving up while other companies see great success from their websites and are able to generate leads, make sales and use their Internet presence productively for success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and now Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a strategy that Internet marketing gurus use to get websites better SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and to build a strong showing with linking on other websites. The core of SEO/M boils down to Content Development that is interfaced with keywords and links that one uses on a website. These must be relevant to ones product and/or service in order to help drive traffic to a website to make sales and/or inquires.

KipSan Diego Web Developers and Marketing Service is independently owned and operated by Kip Ives with over 12 years of web design and marketing experience. If you are looking for clean and professional design with personal attention (without corporate restrains) and to help market yourself online, please contact me today and request a free quote.

Compare SEO/SEM/SMM to Brick and Mortar Advertisement

The other key is to focus on other strategies (optimization or tweaking) to help get your website a better ranking like linking all of your pages to the right keywords, creating a site map, structuring your pages properly, creating relevant anchor text links to other pages on your site and start the tedious and [sometimes] frustration process of building inbound links - so search engines [like Google] will start crawling your website.

As the internet grows, competition increases. With said, if you had an website 4-8 years ago, it may have took ONLY a 100 website views to get 2-4 sales and/or inquires. Nowadays, with so many websites and users surfing the Internet, it may now take 1000, to maybe even 10,000 views to now get that 2-4 sales and/or inquires.

So, internet marketing has become more important than ever ...


services - consulation, design, seo/M, media. pCC

  • Web/SEO Consultation - Meet with client to discuss the websites goals and strategy, this would include but not limited to, analyzing the competition and report on their flaws, make recommendations to current website design, develop both common and niche marketing strategies, and inbound link campaigns. We can also help develope business plans.
  • Web Design and Development - If you are looking for a new websites or rebuilding an existing, I have an array of artists and developers who can help make a difference by bringing creativity back to website design and development. I specialize in small businesses and have built over 100 websites.
  • SEO/SEM - Total optimization of website (e.g. meta tags, content tweaking, alt tags, site maps etc) to influence search engines positioning. Develop content-rich text to penetrate awareness of your target audience and to search engines.
  • SMM - Develop a social media optimization and marketing plan for blogs, articles, press reports, and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and youtube.
  • PPC - Develop an effective fixed Paid Marketing on places like Google Adwords and Facebook that targets prime, 2nd and 3rd tier keywords and phrases.
  • MEDIA - Video Marketing is a excellent way to help ones business. I'm not a Steven Spielberg, but I can help edit short video clips of ones product and/or service and then optimize them for SERPs in places like youTube.
  • BRANDING - Online Branding is important because it confirms your credibility, targets your market and motivates the buyer and concretes user loyality
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    Even if my main location is in San Diego and I do manage/market some of the largest websites in Costa Rica, I do work all over the world. Please email me if you are interested in Web Design and/or SEO/SEM services. I will get back within a day, if not within a few hours ... take care and best wishes.


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Links Exchange Packages
1) One-Way Link (Inbound) Packages (20% have PR 2 plus)
25+ links
50+ links
100+ links
200+ links

2) Link Exchange Packages 1000s of Inbound Links

3) Reciprocal Packages
10+ reciprocal links
20+ reciprocal links
50+ reciprocal links
100+ reciprocal links

Currently I have the below sites for a link exchange. If you have any websites that fit the below categories please email me.

Mis Blogs: PR:3 & 4
Fishing: PR:4 & 5
Entertainment: PR:2
Real Estate: PR:2-4

Medical Tourism

Optical Vision

Costa Rica Real Estate